Plastic Ducting Systems

We offer a full range of Flat Channel Plastic Duct & Fittings in all the common sizes (110x54mm, 204x60mm, 220x90mm, 234x29mm, 308x29mm) we also stock a wide selection of circular plastic duct and  fittings. Flat Channel Plastic Ventilation Duct is ideal for residential ventilation systems such as Heat Recovery, Kitchen Extract & Bathroom Extract.

More Info on Flat Channel Plastic Duct

  • Our plastic ductwork will not corrode, giving a long lasting solution for ventilation ducting.
  • If the flat channel plastic duct passes through an unheated area e.g. roofs voids, the exposed part of the duct run should be wrapped in duct insulation. The duct insulation minimises the formation of condensation, a condensation trap should be used.
  • Horizontal duct runs should fall away from the heat recovery unit / fan unit.
  • Condensation traps should be installed on vertical duct runs.
  • Use the correct plastic duct size (110x54mm, 204x60mm, 220x90mm, 234x29mm, 308x29mm) for the correct application, the type and size of flat channel ventilation duct used will depend on a number of factors such as:-
    • Cooker hood / Fan output.
    • Length of flat channel plastic duct run.
    • Number of plastic fittings, such as bends, elbows etc.
  • Full technical advice available, please contact our branches for any help or advice that you may require.