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Need help with the air in your special effects?

We love any kind of work, it doesn’t matter what form it comes in, that said something that we are particularly partial to is to work with special effects companies to help them with their air movement requirements on film sets.

We approach this kind of work much the same way as any other project, provide sound technical advice and provide timely delivery solutions to ensure that the project stays on track. It does make it more interesting though if the end result of our labour can be seen on the big screen.

MAS is happy to say that we have a growing list of films that we are providing ductwork solutions for, but more on those later.

What did we do?

The brief was to design and provide ducting for a disaster scene on the international space station. The requirements were to achieve an air movement of 88mph (back to the future speed that is) through a 3m diameter film set, replicating a vacuum that sucks the life and all the contents out of the door of the international space station.

After a few meetings with people that like to blow stuff up Kevin came up with a design that incorporated 1250mm diameter spiral duct, fan connections and fittings all to attach to the film company’s giant fan housed in a shipping container. It was epic! Don’t take our word for it watch the film.


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