Mechanical Air Supplies – Specialist Ventilation Supplier for the HVAC Industry

Just another about us page? Not really, we find them a tad boring. We could go on about how we have tirelessly forged a reputable company that manufactures spiral & rectangular ducting and stocks a vast array of ventilation supplies to keep the busiest HVAC contractor working. We could say it was all built on a mission statement that we thought of whilst reading a dictionary and thesaurus, but we won’t. Our mission is a simple one, keep the customers happy, and keep them coming back.

It Started with a ….?

It started with a shed. Yep, our ducting supply empire started with a shed, well the shed didn’t do it all, it just housed Ricky and Steve (and a shed load of flexible ducting).

More Ducting means BIGGER Sheds!

We have now got three much bigger sheds; they are in the category of warehouses, pretty large ones at that. The big sheds are conveniently situated in Leatherhead, West Drayton & Rainham  (all locations are conveniently situated within a stones throw of the M25) and now house over 3,500 different products.

You can find our specialist array of products within our product guide pages, but to give you and indication of what we do do (oops, just said do do) here is a little run down.

We manufacture our own Spiral Ducting and Fittings, Rectangular Ducting and Fittings, which are fully compliant to DW144, we distribute In-line Fans, Mixed Flow Fans, Gigaboxes and Air Handling Units for the likes of Helios, Elta and Vent-Axia (to name but a few). Do you need to install a plastic ventilation duct system, we stock all different sizes with all fittings and bends, hard or easy? The choice is yours.

We hear you say, “What about Zip-Clip and Gripple systems?” We have that covered, in fact all of your Support & Suspension Systems and Channel Systems are covered right down to the nuts, bolts and washers that hold it all together.

Need more? We have Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers & Fire/Smoke Dampers, Grilles, Diffusers, Air Valves & Plenums we even have Big Foot!

Finding new products and new lines


Ah but the bit I need is not on your catalogue! You are no good to me! Trust us, if it is possible we can do it and more often than not, we will advise on the best product for the right application, often saving you money and time.

At MAS we don’t just settle for what is out there, we are always on the look out for innovative, time saving, quality products that may just make your life in the ducting and air movement industry that little bit easier.


Go with Mechanical Air Supplies, we like to feel used.