£16.56 (excl. VAT) CB-100/100
£17.18 (excl. VAT) CB-125/125
£17.26 (excl. VAT) CB-150/150
£19.29 (excl. VAT) CB-160/160
£24.19 (excl. VAT) CB-180/180
£22.84 (excl. VAT) CB-200/355
£28.73 (excl. VAT) CB-224/224
£26.79 (excl. VAT) CB-250/250
£32.40 (excl. VAT) CB-300/300
£32.40 (excl. VAT) CB-315/315
£55.72 (excl. VAT) CB-355/355
£64.30 (excl. VAT) CB-400/400
£66.23 (excl. VAT) CB-450/450
£81.07 (excl. VAT) CB-500/600
£90.28 (excl. VAT) CB-560/560
£94.11 (excl. VAT) CB-600/600

Curved boots for Spiral Duct

MAS offers the full range of curved boots to fit on to round metal duct. We stock all standard diameters and have a regular rotating stock in all of our branches.

What is a curved boot?

  • A curved boot is a branch fitting that forms part of a ventilation duct run. It is used when a ventilation duct run branches of another duct run.

  • The leading edge on the fitting creates a less turbulent air flow into the duct due to the 45 degree leading edge at the front of the duct branch.

  • Design allows air to be moved with less resistance than a pressed saddle.
  • If the application requires another fitting e.g. bend to be fitted to the leading edged boot, a female coupler will be required.
  • All ducting boots are designed to slip into spiral pipe (male) and have a small flange to enable fixing onto the larger diameter spiral pipe run (secure using recommended fixing methods).
  • Manufactured from high quality gavanised steel.
  • DW144 compliant.
  • Standard sizes are listed, please contact us for custom sizes.

Installing a curved boot onto circular duct

  1. Mark off the internal dims of the curved boot onto the spiral that you are attaching to.
  2. Cut the hole on the side of the duct.
  3. Apply duct sealant to the flange of the branch.
  4. Attach with either rivets or tech screws / self drill screws.

Our ducting boots are engineered from mild galvanised steel and are fully compliant to DW144.

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