£4.97 (excl. VAT) PS-80/100
£4.22 (excl. VAT) PS-100/100
£4.35 (excl. VAT) PS-125/125
£5.07 (excl. VAT) PS-150/150
£5.34 (excl. VAT) PS-160/160
£8.59 (excl. VAT) PS-180/180
£7.15 (excl. VAT) PS-200/200
£25.11 (excl. VAT) PS-224/000
£12.20 (excl. VAT) PS-250/250
£25.11 (excl. VAT) PS-280/300
£26.33 (excl. VAT) PS-300/500
£24.14 (excl. VAT) PS-315/315
£38.58 (excl. VAT) PS-355/355
£43.18 (excl. VAT) PS-400/400
£48.07 (excl. VAT) PS-450/450
£54.50 (excl. VAT) PS-500/500

Pressed & fabricated saddles for spiral duct.

  • A pressed / fabricated saddle is used to branch off a main duct run.
  • Used in applications where air flow rates are not critical, for applications where air flow rates are required to meet specified measurements see Curved Boots.
  • Circular end has a male connection to fit directly into circular spiral ducting (secure using recommended fixing methods).
  • Flange sizes may vary depending on availability.
  • Standard sizes are listed, for custom sized pressed saddles, please contact us.