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Dust Protection for Ventilation Duct


  • Butyl Tape 3mm x 19mm x 15m

    £6.00 (excl. VAT) / £7.20 (incl. VAT)

    A highly adhesive Butyl sealant that is easy to apply, once applied the tape will give a long lasting weatherproof seal. The sealant maintains a soft and malleable consistency and will adhere to most common construction surfaces.  

  • Gasket Tape (Flange Seal Tape)

    From: £1.74

    Gasket Tape (Flange Seal Tape) A quick and easy way to achieve an airtight seal at ductwork connections 100% closed-cell PE foam provides an airtight seal even under minimal levels of compression. Available in 15mm, 19mm & 25mm width (all 6mm thick).  



Plastic Duct Sealants