Vent-Axia HR500D Self Contained Heat Recovery Unit (370450)

£1,054.42 (excl. VAT) / £1,265.30 (incl. VAT)

  • Self-contained MVHR unit with integral fans.
  • Up to 70% heat recovery.
  • Compatible with 315, 250 and 200mm Ø, ducting and accessories.
  • External wall mounting.
VA-500DVent-Axia HR500D Self Contained Heat Recovery Unit (370450)£1,054.42 (excl. VAT) / £1,265.30 (incl. VAT)
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Airflow Performance l/s (MAX)Watts (max)dB(A) @ 3m (max)Weight KG
174 l/s2105319
  • The HR500D MVHR unit by Vent-Axia is a self contained unit sporting integral extract and supply fans. The unit provides a balanced ventilation and heat recovery solution which is ideal for offices and computer rooms.
  • Compact heat recovery cube transfers heat from the extracted stale air over to the fresh incoming air (without the two air streams mixing).
  • The unit is fully speed controllable.

2 Year Warranty Available on Vent-Axia MVHR Units.



Vent-Axia HR500D Eco Technical Data

Model ID (Stock Ref.) :HR 500 D - 370450
SEC ClassC
SEC Value ('Average')-24
SEC Value ('Warm')-2.84
SEC Value ('Cold')-61.72
Label Required? (Yes/No=Out of scope)Yes
Declared as: RVU or NRVU/UVU or BVURVU/BVU
Speed DriveVariable Speed
Type HRS (Recuperative, Regenerative, None)Variable Speed
Thermal Eff: [ (%), NA(if none)]Recuperative
Max. Flow Rate (m3/h)626.4
Max. Power Input (W): (@Max.Flow Rate)210
LWA: Sound Power Level (dB)70.52
Ref. Flow Rate (m3/s)0.1218
Ref. Pressure Diff. (Pa)70
SPI [W/(m3/h)]0.48
Control Factor & Control Typology: (CTRL/ Typology)
Control Factor; CTRL1
Control TypologyManual Control
Declared: -Max Internal & External Leakage Rates(%) for BVUs or carry over (for regenerative heat exchangers only),<5% Internal, <5% External
-&Ext. Leakage Rates (%) for Ducted UVUs;
Mixing Rate of Non-Ducted BVUs not intended to be equipped with one duct connection on either supply or extract air side;N/A
Position and description of visual filter warning for RVUs intended for use with filters, including text pointing out the importance of regular filter changes for performance and energy efficiency of the unitN/A
For UVUs (Instructions Install Regulated Supply/Extract Grilles Fac_ade)N/A
Internet Address (for Disassembly Instructions)
Sensitivity p. Variation@+20/-20 Pa: (for Non-Ducted VUs)N/A
Air Tightness-ID/OD-(m3/h) (for Non-Ducted VUs)N/A
Annual Electricity Consumption: AEC (kWh/a)6.45
Annual Heating Saved: AHS (kWh/a)
AHS: Average39.45
AHS: Warm17.84
AHS: Cold77.17

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Vent-Axia HR500D Eco Tech Data

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