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Flexible Ducting Supplies

Full range and types of flexible ducting available to suit all common diameters. All types of flexible ducting can easily be cut to length. A male coupler is required in order to connect flexible duct to rigid ventilation pipe and should be secured using  jubilee clips / quick release bands.

Flexible duct is available in a variety of types such as Non-insulated aluminium, Insulated aluminium, PVC coated aluminium, PVC and Polyurethane.

To ensure maximum efficiency the duct should be pulled taught, this ensures that the full diameter of the duct is available, this will minimise any resistance.

All ventilation duct can be prone to a build-up of condensation, therefore it is recommended that insulated ducting is used in applications that run through unheated spaces.

Our range includes:

Non-insulated & Thermally Insulated Aluminium Flex

Both types are constructed with a Multi-layer aluminium and polyester, strengthened with high tension hard steel helix. The thermally insulated flexible ducting is surrounded with glass wool insulation and an aluminium vapour barrier.

Acoustic Flexible Ducting

Similar to thermally insulated flexible ducting, however the inner core is perforated to allow for sound attenuation. 


Produced from PVC coated polyester mesh and reinforced with high tension steel spring wire. Glass-Flex has a high resistance to wear and tear.


Multi-layer aluminium and polyester strengthened with a high tension steel wire helix and covered with a PVC layer that gives more mechanical resistance against tears and punctures. Recommended for the extraction of welding fumes. More effective against condensation than a standard non-insulted aluminium flexible ducting. If condensation could be an issue then it is advisable to use a thermally insulated flexible duct.

Semi-Rigid flexible duct

Less crushable than aluminium flexible ducting. Constructed using an interlock crimp system, which minimises the possible separation of the duct when stretched out.

Polyurethane Clear Flex

Constructed with 100% thermoplastic polyester polyurethane, reinforced with a copper coated steel helix.  Ideal for industrial applications and the transfer of solid materials, liquids and gases.  Please note different thickness  are suitable for different applications, please contact our sales staff to discuss your requirements.

White PVC Flex

Available in Rectangular or circular. Produced using white PVC reinforced with a steel wire helix. Ideal for plastic ventilation systems, dryer extract. Rectangular sizes are available to suit 110x54mm, 204x60mm & 220x90mm plastic duct.