Suppliers and manufacturers of spiral ducting & fittings.

Mechanical Air Supplies LTD has a full range of Spiral ducting & fittings in stock and are manufactured in accordance with DW144 specifications.

Our spiral duct is available in stocked sizes ranging from 80mm – 1000mm diameter and are sold in 1.5m (only certain sizes) & 3m lengths. Larger diameter spiral is avialable on request please use our contact form to discuss your requirements.

All of our ducting is female which allows fittings such as bends, reducers, attenuators etc to slip into the duct.

In order to join two lengths of tube together, a male coupler would be required.

Should your installation require two fittings to be connected together a female coupler would be required as all of our spiral fittings are male.

Rectangular Ductwork also available.

We can also manufacture rectangular duct work, please note given the variation of sizes that are required on most projects, our rectangular duct work is manufactured upon request. We do stock a range of rectangular / square fire dampers and volume control dampers.

Please contact us directly for any advice that you may need. Not sure on the sizes that you require? Try our duct flow calculators “The” calculation tool for the HVAC contractor.