£6.34£10.74 (excl. VAT) R-150-100
£6.34£11.47 (excl. VAT) R-160-100
£7.85£14.64 (excl. VAT) R-200-100
£12.58£22.35 (excl. VAT) R-224-100
£10.36£21.93 (excl. VAT) R-250-100
£17.16£31.55 (excl. VAT) R-300-125
£17.77£31.55 (excl. VAT) R-315-150
£33.57£36.92 (excl. VAT) R-355-150
£37.76£52.15 (excl. VAT) R-400-150
£38.99£46.48 (excl. VAT) R-450-200
£43.22£54.74 (excl. VAT) R-500-200
£76.94 (excl. VAT) R-630-000

Concentric Reducers for Ventilation Duct

  • A reducer is a fitting used in ventilation systems between two pipes of different diameters. Concentric reducers chance the diameter of a duct run to assist air flows.
  • All of our reducers are concentric, eccentric reducers are available on request.
  • Reducers up to 315mm diameter are pressed reducers, 355mm and above are fabricated reducers.
  • Reducers for spiral ducting are all male fittings and fit directly into circular spiral ducting (secure using recommended fixing methods).
  • For a male to male connection i.e reducer to spigot a Female coupler should be used.

What is the difference between a concentric & eccentric reducer?

  • A concentric reducer, is shaped like a cone and the centre line is directly in the middle of the two diameters.
  • An eccentric reducer has an edge that is parallel to the connecting pipe and creates an offset in the centre line of the ventilation duct run.