DDF-125Helios Roof Terminal - 125mm

Helios Roof Terminal 125mm diameter

£57.20 (excl. VAT) / £68.64 (incl. VAT)
DDF-160Helios Roof Terminal - 160mm

Helios Roof Terminal 160mm diameter

£60.32 (excl. VAT) / £72.38 (incl. VAT)
DDF-200Helios Roof Terminal - 200mm

Helios Roof Terminal 200mm diameter

£120.64 (excl. VAT) / £144.77 (incl. VAT)
DDF-315Helios Roof Terminal - 315mm

Helios Roof Terminal 315mm diameter

£148.72 (excl. VAT) / £178.46 (incl. VAT)
  • For air inlet or extract.
  • Suitable for connection of ducting with standard diameter.
  • A large leaded sheet allows adaption to all tile profiles.
  • Also suitable for flat roofs.
  • All remaining parts from galvanized steel.
  • Cowl finished in slate grey paint.


Spigot Diameter

125mm, 160mm, 200mm, 315mm

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