Self Adhesive Dust Protection Film for Ventilation Duct


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Dust Control Film for Ventilation Systems

Q: How do I stop dust & debris entering a ventilation system during the fit out? A: Use our self adhesive dust protection film.

A requirement for many duct work contractors is to seal the ends of ventilation duct to prevent dust and debris from entering the system. Construction debris can have a detrimental effect on much of the air movement plant and our protective film ensures that the ventilation duct remains clean and free from foreign particles during the construction / re-modelling stages of a building project.

  • Dust proof and tear proof single sided adhesive film for sealing air ducts (Spiral, Rectangular and Flat Oval duct) during the installation phase. Protects uninstalled and partially installed duct work from contamination by dust, moisture, and building debris.
  • Ideal to use when duct is being transported.
  • Perfect to use as a temporary cover on vents to prevent dust and debris from entering duct system.
  • Blue tinted to allow for easy identification.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Easy to apply, easy clean up, easy to re-position and leaves no residue.
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Self Adhesive Dust Protection Film - Data Sheet

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