Stud Cracked Concrete Screw M08/M10

£1.32 (excl. VAT) / £1.58 (incl. VAT)

Ideal for use with the Stud end fixing for hanging various mechanical, HVAC and electrical applications.

  • Directly driven into base material
  • No additional steps required
  • Big productivity gains and labour savings
  • Minimal expansion forces in base material
  • Reduced edge distance and spacing
  • Removable
  • Low embedment depth
Stud Cracked Concrete Screw M08/M10£1.32 (excl. VAT) / £1.58 (incl. VAT)

Stud Cracked Concrete Screw M08/M10

The stud cracked concrete screw can be set into concrete without requiring the use of plugs.

Easily screws into to drilled holes and has an M08/M10 thread to allow threaded stud to be screwed into the concrete screw.

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