Totus 2 MIDI – Vent-Axia Commercial MVHR Unit (TOTUS2MIDI)


Totus 2 Midi D-ERV Vent-Axia MVHR unit – Sensor & Constant pressure control

2 Year Warranty as standard on all Vent-Axia MVHR Units

Totus 2 MIDI - Vent-Axia Commercial MVHR Unit (TOTUS2MIDI) - Sensor Control£6,011.02 (excl. VAT) / £7,213.22 (incl. VAT)
Totus 2 MIDI - Vent-Axia Commercial MVHR Unit (TOTUS2MIDI) - Constant Pressure£6,011.02 (excl. VAT) / £7,213.22 (incl. VAT)

Vent-Axia Sentinel Totus 2 Midi Commercial MVHR Unit.

Ideal in applications where rooms are used intermittently. The Sentinel Totus 2 midi can monitor occupancy and respond to the ventilation demands of a room adjusting atmosphere accordingly. A range of sensors of controls are available that can monitor carbon dioxide levels, temperature humidity or air quality.

Features of the Totus 2 Midi by Vent-Axia:-

  • Designed to operate at airflows of up to 1000m³/hr at 150 Pa.
  • Fitted with high efficiency low energy EC/DC motor technology.
  • ERP 2015 compliant fans.
  • Recovers up to 90% of extracted energy.
  • The Sentinel Totus² range is fully compliant with both Part F and L UK building regulation requirements.
  • 90% heat exchange efficiency independently tested to EN 308.
  • Inbuilt automatic frost protection.
  • Low standby power 0.6watts (PIR activation).
  • Monitors occupancy and responds to the ventilation demands of a room.
  • The units contain heaters, which automatically prevent the heat recovery unit from freezing. These can also be used to top up the air temperature to the room.

Typical applications for the Sentinel Totus 2 Midi:-

  • A network of hotel rooms/bathrooms flats or apartments that are used for limited periods such as mornings or evenings.
  • Schools classrooms that are occupied by a variable number of people. Sensors can keep CO2 levels within prescribed limits.
  • Office environments which have a variable number of staff and visitors that when occupied must meet prescribed airflow rates.

Sentinel Totus 2 Midi D-ERV Technical Specification

Tech DataTotus 2 Midi
Airflow (nominal)1000m³/hr @ 150 Pa
AC Voltage Input220-240 V ac (Single phase)
AC Frequency input50/60 Hz nominal
Supply fuse or Cct Breaker16 A
Rated Current12 A
Rated Power2500 W
Total Fan Power (max.)500 W
Total Frost Heat (max.)2 kW
Power (standby)0.6 W
DC Voltage Output24 V dc (18-30 V dc) at 350 mA (max.) for switches & sensors
IP rating - UnitIPX4
IP rating commissioning interfaceIP42
Operating Temperature-10°C to +40°C
Operating Humidity0% to 95% (non-condensing) - weatherproof unit option
Storage Temperature-10°C to +40°C
Storage Humidity0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Condensate Pump12 m max head, 25 m max hoizontal distance, but 150 max head X distance

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